Our partners

Youth Environment and Social Development Society (YESDS) Bangladesh 

YESDS (Youth Environment and Social Development Society) is a center of professionals, excellence and students to spearhead direction and actions for leaders who wish to play critical and competitive role in the environment related issues. They identify and support young enterprising people and organizations that solve social and environmental issues in their communities. Their vision is to create a world where every enterprising person has the tool, funding and knowledge to start and grow a venture and make a positive impact on society.


Environmental Future(s) Initiatives (EFI) Georgetown University, United States

The Environmental Future(s) Initiatives (EFI) is a group of passionate students and faculty at Georgetown University that is dedicated to engaging with pressing global environmental issues. The EFI aims conducting research, organizing conference and leading advocacy actions in the United States.

The EFI is collaborating with Youth on the Move with regards to climate change induced effects in the United States. The EFI is therefore focusing on youth in affected areas, such as Louisiana, California or the Tangier Islands (Virginia).