What we do

Youth portraits 

Young people are the most affected by the induced effects of climate change. Their voice must be heard. Through videos, Youth on the Move offers such an opportunity. Young people from diverse countries can share their experience facing climate migration through short video portraits. Youth on the Move aims at highlighting the experience of young migrants, but also the actions taken by young activists around the world. 

Expert interviews 

Thanks to interviews of experts on climate migrations such as François Gemmene, Christel Cournil as well as regular contacts with international organizations such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Organisation for Migration or UNICEF, Youth on the Move is conducting fruitful research.


The team members try to gather information and testimonies through short documentaries. In June 2016, some of us went to Bangladesh to shoot a first documentary picturing youth initiatives in this country. Through documentaries, Youth on the Move wishes to efficiently raise awareness on the challenges but also the solutions developed by young leaders.


Based on expert interviews, young people testimonies and academic research, our team is writing articles and academic papers. We wish to make the topic of climate migration more accessible to all. 


Members of Youth on the Move have already participated to many international events, such as the COP22, the Climate Chance summit, the Hugo Conference in Liège, the Alternatiba village in Paris. Each of these events is an opportunity for us to alert on the harsh impacts of climate change on mobility patterns. They also allow us to further our collaboration with other actors such as NGOs and international organizations. 


We gather photographs from around the world, showing the reality of climate migrations. We firmly believe that visual arts, such as photographs and videos, are the most efficient way to convey a message from the Youth. 

Interactive map

On our Home page, you may find an interactive map, picturing the network of youth initiative that is mobilized to address migrations linked to climate change. This map emphasize the importance of collaboration between actors located in various places, which may face similar situations, and thus develop common solutions.