Meet… Niuone, from Tuvalu!

Niuone Eliuta is a young researcher, teacher and volunteer from Nukufetau atoll, in Northern Tuvalu, living in Funafuti. Working for the Ministry of Education and Sports, he is entirely dedicated to the youth and its empowerment. 

Its PHD researches focus on Nui’s atoll resilience after Pam Cyclone, which strongly damaged the infrastructures and habitations in 2015. He always links his research with his field work, either trough his sport teacher’s job or his volunteering work for 350 Tuvalu

According to him, resilience and adaptation can only be achieved through an educated and mobilised youth. Niuone thinks climate migrations are not yet a big issue for Tuvalujust affecting a few isolated cases. However he noticed questioning and fears among the youngest, asking themselves if a future is really possible on a slowly sinking country. The major change is that now kids learn about climate change issues at school, and these same kids need to talk about the fears provoked by this alarming knowledge. 

Niuone considers the new generation of Tuvaluans as the future change makers. He hopes it will become more and more proactive, in order to put pressure on the national and international governments and policies. This can be achieved through the field work of volunteers, backed by the government and based on strong theoretical basis. 

Therefore Niuone is involved on two main fronts regarding climate change issues in Tuvalu: among the Youth, the next change makers, and among the academic field, able to lobby governments and push their policies to be more proactive on climate issues.