Main Features: 

Population:  9,916 (Source: WB 2015) 

Area: 26 km² 

Capital city: Vaiaku (Funafuti, 3000 inhabitants) 

Apex: Niulakita (5m) 

Languages: Tuvaluan, english, samoan, i-kiribati 

Religions: Church of Tuvalu (Christian protestant with ancestral indigenous beliefs) (97%) 

Political situation: 

Constitutional monarchy

Head of state: Mr. Iakoba Taeia Italeli, Governor general since 2010 

Head of Government: M. Enele Sopoaga 

Miscellaneous features: 

Youth population: 60% of the population is under 25 years of age 

Member of the United Nations since the 5th of september 2000 

Member of the Commonwealth


The country is composed of eight inhabited islands situated in the mid Western Pacific Ocean, north of Fiji Islands and east of the Solomon Islands.

Its isolation, fragile coasts and low altitude atolls make the country very vulnerable to climate change effects. Rising sea levels and flooding during extreme weather events like cyclone Pam in March 2015 have already led to salt water infiltration into fresh water reserves and into fertile soil, rendering local agriculture more difficult. Fishing, emerging eco-tourism and the potential for seabed mining in the large EEZ are the backbones of the tuvaluan economy.

After cyclone Pam, the country obtained financing from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) for a coastal adaptation project to protect coasts from erosion due to sea level rise.


Youth and environmental migrations in Tuvalu

“In Funafuti, we see a lot of young people involving in various organizations in order to provide answers to climate change consequences. Some of them are planting mangroves to protect the habitations from violent disasters, others are volunteering with NGOs and primary schools, while others are lobbying the Government to make it more proactive on climate change policies.”

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Meet… Milly and Niuone, from Tuvalu!


Milly is a young volunteer strongly involved on national and international level. Niuone is is a young researcher, teacher and volunteer, working for the Ministry of Education and Sports, and entirely dedicated to the youth and its empowerment. 

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