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Youth on the Move

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Release of our web-documentary on climate-induced displacements


Mobilising the Senegalese diaspora (Part 1): What are the Origins and Reasons behind?

Samuel Lietaer– ULB (IGEAT-CEDD), MIGRADAPT, Brussels, 29th of October 2018   Why would development actors target the Senegalese abroad, particularly in Europe? This article summarizes the major reasons within a historical perspective behind the further deployment of ‘diaspora policies’, particularly focusing on Northern Senegal, where the author conducts his transnational …

Meet… Ha Phong Le, from Vietnam!

Ha Phong Le is worker in a landscape and urban plan firm in Paris. He has written a thesis in France entitled « Territorial stakes of containment in urban areas: evolution of the banks of the Red River in Hanoi». He also wrote a report in Vietnamese about the people …

Meet… Tram Anh, from Vietnam!

Nguyen Hoang Tram Anh is a young Vietnamese actively involved on the question of environmental migrations in Vietnam. She participated to the National Model ASEAN Meeting 2017 as a delegate and volunteered in IOM Youth programs to protect migrants. She advocates for more education and action towards the situation of …

Ban’ya: Our documentary in Bangladesh (Trailer)

In Bangladesh, climate-induced migrations are a well-known phenomenon. Population displacements (temporary or definitive) caused by climate change are already happening. We therefore decided to shoot a documentary on the apprehension of migration by young people. The objectives were to witness the effects of climate change in the country, to gather …

Stories from the Mongolian countryside

Listen to testimonials from Mongolia Recorded and directed by Marion Grange, Bertrand Delorme, Ryenchin Myagmarsuren, Zolboo Burentsogt, Enkhjin Baasandorj   Learn more: Mongolia country page ; our expert interview on migrations in Mongolia.

Assessing existing mechanisms: Marine Franck from the UNHCR

Marine Franck is Climate Change and Disaster Displacement Officer at the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. She was interviewed by Marine Denis in 2016.  What is the Nansen Initiative ?  The UNHCR contributed to the Nansen Initiative from 2012 to 2015. The Nansen Initiative is an interstate consultative process lead …

Meet… Niuone, from Tuvalu!

Niuone Eliuta is a young researcher, teacher and volunteer from Nukufetau atoll, in Northern Tuvalu, living in Funafuti. Working for the Ministry of Education and Sports, he is entirely dedicated to the youth and its empowerment.  Its PHD researches focus on Nui’s atoll resilience after Pam Cyclone, which strongly damaged the infrastructures …